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Why Is Sleep Health Important?

Written By onci on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 | 11:47 PM

Why Is Sleep Health Important?
Sleep, like nutrition and physical activity, is a critical determinant of health and well-being.2 Sleep is a basic requirement for infant, child, and adolescent health and development. Sleep loss and untreated sleep disorders influence basic patterns of behavior that negatively affect family health and interpersonal relationships. Fatigue and sleepiness can reduce productivity and increase the chance for mishaps such as medical errors and motor vehicle or industrial accidents.3, 4

Adequate sleep is necessary to:
Fight off infection
Support the metabolism of sugar to prevent diabetes
Perform well in school
Work effectively and safely
Sleep timing and duration affect a number of endocrine, metabolic, and neurological functions that are critical to the maintenance of individual health. If left untreated, sleep disorders and chronic short sleep are associated with an increased risk of:
Heart disease
High blood pressure
All-cause mortality
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